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Our past rescues in their new homes

If you would like to add your photos and stories of the animals you have adopted from us, send an email to: parrt2011@aol.com

FORREST- would like to thank PARRT(especially his foster mum Karen) for looking after our cat Forrest so well until he came to live with us. He is a lovely cat and we are so grateful to have him. He is doing really well and is a big boy now. He follows me everywhere and is my little mate. You all do such good work and if we ever want another pet we will deffo come to PARRT to adopt another pet from you. hope to see you all at the next fundraising event.
Thanks steph, paul, and forrest (and all our other pets)

COOKIE AND MARLEY- Cookie was brought to the rescue with 3 little kittens- she has now found a home with her son, Marley. Within hours of moving in they had made themselves at home!

MORSE-(Now called Borris) We would like to thank PARRT for looking after him before he came to live with us, he is happily playing and destroying his toy mice now and loves sleeping on our lap! He loves to follow us and sleep on us whilst we’re in bed! He has recently taken his first venture outside and now he’s  constantly in and out.

He’s an absolutely lovely cat thank you so much!

ASTRID- (Now called Willow)- Thought you might like to see an up to date photo of Astrid. She is doing really well and full of mischief. When we went to see the vet she said she was the prettiest kitten she had seen for a long time. Thanks to all at PARRT


ROCKY- We’ve had Rocky “rock star” for nearly a year now and we love him to bits! He’s settled in well with our other dog, Bonnie and with the other members of the family. We’ve still got some way to go with his training, but he’s getting there! He’s just come back from a holiday in Scotland with us and enjoyed the long walks and log fire

MADDIE- thanks again to everyone at PARRT (especially foster mum Karen) for looking after both Forrest and Maddie. They are both lovely cats and have settled in really well. Poor Forrest was terrorized by Maddie when she  first came and he’s too soft to hiss back but they get along really well now. Keep up the good work  Paul, Steph. Forrest, Maddie, and all of our other pets. If we want any more pets we will come back to you.

FYFA- Fyfa is settling in really well in to her new home with us. After losing our two elderly cats within months of each other through illness I was adamant that I could never have another cat as I was so upset at losing our two. The house just wasn’t the same though. When I found out that Fyfas owner had died and she had returned to PARRT who had re-homed her as a kitten I felt I had to find out more. She is not the most confident little girl and she is very wary of strangers, but in the short time we have had her she has come on leaps and bounds. She is such a loving cat and loves cuddles and being made a fuss of. She also loves to play with her toys. She is getting braver by the day and has made our house a home again. Thankyou so much to everyone who has cared for her. I will continue to support PARRT and all of the excellent work you do. I have been told that Fyfa is Forrests sister who also features on this page.

DANTE- My husband and I adopted a kitten from you back in July, a fluffy little grey male, who we named Dante. I just wanted to send you some photos so you can see how handsome he has gotten! He loves his new home, where he has a dog and a kitten his age to play with. 
I can’t thank you enough for introducing us to Dante; he has made our little family complete.

ALVIN- We got Alvin a year on the 2nd of January, he has such character and still has very hyper moments and goes crazy! He loves attention and is very cuddly and even sometimes sleeps at our feet on a night time! He also likes to drink from the bath and sits & plays with the plug until you put more water in! We would just like to say Thank you for such a lovely cat & we certainly wouldn’t hesitate to come back to adopt of we looked for another pet


 EVIE: We adopted Evie from PARRT in March 2012 after she was found abandoned with her kittens.  She was shy initially but with love and a bit of patience she’s really blossomed and as you can see has settled in very well.  She’s got us pretty well trained and loves nuzzling up to us for a kiss on the top of her head. She’s happy to sit on our laps and loves brushing past our legs for petting. She’s also relaxed to the point where she’ll lie flat on her back at our feet looking as cute as a button!  Our home is complete!

MICAH- (Now called Hamish) He’s doing really well, growing well and has a lovely black cat coat. He’s really playful and friendly, especially first thing in the morning or when we get in from work, and has a lovely calm temperament, doesn’t mind being picked up and fussed over. He also loves playing ‘Fetch’ with scrunched up pieces of paper for hours on end!

JOE-  It’s about a year since I arranged a feline speed-dating day with Linda, and Joe decided to adopt me. He’s developed into a real character, learning skills like pinging the top of the CD player and flicking the CD out if I’m not paying him enough attention.  If the weather turns bad while I’m at work – he normally likes to be out – he pays one of the neighbours a visit.  They don’t seem to mind….  He likes to pay his respects to their pets, too (see pic).  If they don’t oblige, he takes himself off to the Percy Arms, which is right opposite our house! He’s great company and very entertaining, and enjoys a snuggle too. Many thanks for bringing us together.

SIMBA- (Now Clive)In April last year you brought Simba (now Clivey) to my house and he’s settled in well . Clive and his doggy friend Trevor get along well too, Clive catches the mice and Trevor kills them!

RUMBA- ‘Fighting like cats and dogs’??? No way! Rumba the kitten has found a new doggy friend in her new home- Polly, they even share a bed!

TRUFFLE, BING AND CASSIE- After finding a wonderful home all together, Cassie, Bing and their adopted sister Truffle are doing well and growing up fast!

JAFFA- (Now called Regie) After adoption Jaffa aka Regie settled in well and now follows his owner around the house, he’s getting on well and is really spoiled!

CINDERS- We are all having so much fun with her and we all love her, even our extended family, especially the kids. I take her on the beach at least once a day and she loves it. She has been such great company while I’ve been trying to do uni work and she gives me structure to the day. She has only ever stayed in alone for more than 6 hours once or twice but she is fine when we get home, just very happy to see us! She is adorable and very cuddly. I’ve attached a pic of her taken just last week after we got her groomed for the first time, she looks so much younger doesn’t she?! She really is one of the best things I’ve done and don’t know what I’d do without her.

GIN AND TONIC- On 20th May 2000, PARRT did an event at the garden centre in Cramlington, and we got two ginger queen kittens they were 8 weeks old.
I would just like to say thank you for giving us two amazing members of our family, we named them Gin and Tonic, we still have them today.
Attached is a couple of pictures of them both.
We have recently added two more kittens which are pedigree from a breeder, but they are all loved same. Thanks again










LILLY- This is our beautiful dog Lilly who we took from PARRT in January 2012. She has changed our life and brought us so much joy. When we first got her she hid behind the sofa for the 1st 3 weeks but now as you can see she is very happy!!!


MINNIE- After losing her owner, Minnie has luckily found a brilliant home to settle in. She seems to have claimed every bed in the house and is enjoying having a 6ft cat tree to climb!

minnieKALLIE- After arriving with PARRT with her adult kittens, Kallie was desperate to find a quiet home of her own. And she found one! Now she can claim every bed and toy as her own!




SAFFY- Hi everyone, Just wanted to send you this pic of Saffy with Fyfa – to think I was worried that Fyfa would not take to another cat! Saffy has only been here a few weeks, and far from being shy she is a little livewire, that said she loves nothing better than a sleep on my knee. She is great company for us as well as Fyfa, it feels like we have always had her.

I would urge anyone thinking of adopting to not just consider kittens, the slightly older ones have so much to offer and only want to be loved.
HOLLY AND WILLOW- Thank you so much for bringing Holly and Willow into our lives. They have made themselves right at home and are truly part of the family. They are so affectionate and love the boys, who in turn think the kittens are wonderful.
Thank you again, they have brought so much joy into our home! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend PARRT to anyone – you do a fabulous job.
kittens april13SONY DSC
JAGO- Jago’s mother gave birth shortly after being handed over to PARRT, and luckily Jago was the first in the litter to be reserved! She has settled in well, is now fully vaccinated, neutered and micro-chipped and keeping her adopted mum and dad very busy! :) She loves watching the Felix screensaver on her mums PC!!
SHADOW- Despite being an older girl, and high grooming needs! Shadow has found the perfect home for her! She is a really friendly girl so fit into a family home perfectly “We feel so lucky to have her as part of our household, she is so special”, it sounds as though Shadows new owners are as smitten with her as we were!
       shadow new home
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