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Thumper and Bobbi

Bobbi is a beautiful peach medium sized rabbit

She is around 3 years old and has been waiting for a home for soooo long!

Extremely friendly and sociable, she loves to have free range in a secure garden and is happy to snuggle up to her ‘Hus-bun’ Thumper in their hutch at night

Thumper is just a young, Chinchilla male rabbit, around 1 year old, he is also very friendly and will hop onto your knee for his ears tickled

He was neutered when he came into the rescue so that he could be successfully bonded with Bobbi and they love each other to bits!

They both love their hay and veggies and will help keep your garden free of dandelions and docks- as well as trimming the grass- they work for free! :)




Gus and Jack

Male, 1 Blue Otter? lop, 1 black Self, 1 year old, neutered, will need a large hutch/ shed and secure run

Love their veggies, currently on complete pellet food, 80% of their diet is hay

Suitable only for children 10 years+